Collectible Toys Avengers Action Figures

Collectible Toys Avengers Action Figures

If you are someone who is a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the MCU, you must be aware of the different characters of the series. The Avengers are the most popular group of superheroes in the world.

And everyone, be it a kid or an adult, is a fan of all the superheroes. Because of this, the craze among everyone for different collectible items about them is sky-high. Here we have the best Avengers action figures that you must get for yourself.

Many people are die-hard fans of the series, and thus if you are thinking of a gift for any such person, this product is ideal for you. You can choose to gift them this set of Avengers action figures, and they will surely appreciate you and fall in love with the product. So let us get into the details and know more about these figures.

The Best Collectible Avengers Action Figures

The collectible toys Avengers action figures have the inspiration from the characters of the best movie, Avengers: Infinity War that released in the year 2018. The film is the third installment of the famous Avengers series, which also consists of Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and The Avengers (2012).

In this movie, the Avengers and all the other superheroes from the MCU must unite with each other to destroy Thanos, who is on the verge of destroying the universe. The collectible toys will also be an excellent gift for people who love the MCU.

The Characters Of The Series

There are many characters present in Avengers, but let us look at the primary ones.

  • Captain America: Captain America or Steve Rogers is a WWII veteran and is the first superhero to be born of the planet earth. He was a part of the project Rebirth, which was about changing the human physicality and reaching its peak. He was the one who tools apart HYDRA before crashing into the ice and sleeping for years. In the 21st century, he finally gets back to senses when SHIELD retrieves him and revives him.
  • Thor: Thor is the son of Odin, who is the former king of Asgard. He is also the founding fathers of the Avengers and is known as the god of thunder as he rightfully owns the Mjolnir, which is a hammer.
  • Iron Man: He is a genius and also a playboy. The role is portrayed by none other than popular actor Tony Stark. He has built his armor and can take care of all the happenings in the current time on earth.
  • The Hulk: The Hulk or Bruce Banner is a person who accidentally unleashed the Hulk when he was trying to cure gamma radiation. After this, Bruce was not able to control the beast that is now a part of him and decides to stay away from the people. But soon, SHIELD contacts him for a vital mission, and he joins in.
  • Thanos: Thanos is the main villain of the Avengers series. He is a big enemy of the Avengers who has been trying to wipe off half of the population of the planet.
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