Classic Poison Ivy Superhero Costume Details

poison ivy superhero costume

Poison Ivy was started off as a beautiful and intelligent temptress who has the power to control nature and kill men with just a kiss. The poisonous ivy character is one of the few Batman characters who hasn’t gone through many changes over the years. Unlike Catwoman and Harley Quinn, Ivy’s fellow criminals, The character of the Ivy is the same from the ’60s to now. Poison Ivy was a scientist named Pamela at first, who was betrayed by a man who poisoned her with some special herbs used for experiments. But she survived the poison and gained her powers and became a world-class criminal. Superhuman Powers of Poison Ivy led to toxins in her bloodstream that make her hand touch a deadly one and allow her to be consistent with all poisons, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. She also has the power of charm that will be displayed, which keeps people under her influence and makes them do what she says. Ivy also has the power to make plant life do as she says. This has remained her story throughout her character. The only main change has come in the form of her costume design.

In the comic series, she wears the old classic Poison Ivy look, having a dark green corset top with a light green pair of tights, and matching green gloves & boots. She also maintains her trademark bright red hair.

Change In Poison Ivy Superhero Costume

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The New 52 DC comic book the vamp, Ivy still has her trademark red hair, but her costume has been changed, it becomes more mature than that one in the Animated Series. In this series, Ivy has her green corset and tights in full-on green color with a black jumpsuit that covers her from head to toe. The main attracting aspect of the look is the black and green pattern that cascades down her body. This is the great night outlook. Just throw on a black jumpsuit or full-on suit, and accessorize with green heels and jewelry. Being the main villain in the comic series, Poison Ivy has a glamorous showgirl look. She wears l different costumes throughout the series, but her most famous costume is an all-green jumpsuit with red gloves and her updated version of the green corset costume. She updates the animated series look by adding more leaf detailing into the look with lots of gold glitter.


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Many changes have been done in Poison Ivy’s style costume. Her outfits are loved by everyone for Halloween. You can copy her style for Halloween or just for a casual day. For matching this original Poison Ivy look, you can keep it casual by mixing a green top with a pair of simple jeans then accessorizing with green shoes; and red purse.

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