Choosing The Best Superhero Costume

When it comes to choosing the best superhero costume, you might find yourself at a standstill. There are so many awesome costumes out there! It’s tough to select the one that will really make you stand out and most of all, be totally you. 

That’s where we come in. Here are some tips on how to do it stress and hassle-free. 

Choosing The Best Superhero Costume: How To Do It 

With the cinematic universe opening up tons of new fandoms and fanships (call it what you will), comic book superheroes are finally getting the attention they’ve always deserved. With the way said movies portray them in uber-cool and explosive stories, everybody’s hyped! So are you! And yes, we are, too. 

So, when comic con, Halloween, or any other costume party comes along, it gets a little tough trying to choose which one is the right fit and them for you. 

Best Superhero Costume: The Easy 1-2-3

Choosing The Best Superhero Costume

1. The Spot-On Colors 

For the best superhero costumes, don’t be surprised that a lot of people are familiar with them. That is, with iconic characters. Not only are these superheroes seen in comic books but in theaters and T.V. as well. 

Therefore, a way to really get from “good” to “best” is to hit the colors right. If it’s bright red, maroon, orange-red, don’t risk choosing “any shade of red.” Get that color down to a T. It will take you a bit of time to either look for or create the shade that’s a perfect imitation of the original. Still, it’ll be worth it. 

2. Well-Defined Design 

If tip #1 is going to take some time, this one’s going to take even more time, plus effort. But don’t be dismayed! What we’re trying to emphasize is how the best superhero costumes tend to be the kind that has amazing detail. 

Besides adding the character’s iconic accessories, be aware of the design details. For example, you can’t simply wear a black bodysuit, a yellow belt, a black cape, and a cat mask to call yourself Batman. Right? Instead, research about the superhero’s utility belt. Check out the make of the mask. Where does the hem land, on the cheek, or right below it? Be patient in marking down such details. 

3. Find A Design Basis 

Finally, don’t merely rely on how you remember a superhero’s costume from the last time you watch his or her movie. Or the last time you read his or her comic book. In contrast, print out an image of the costume you want to follow. You can also save it on your phone for a quick reference.

Furthermore, be specific with which volume you’re taking costume-inspiration from. A lot of characters tend to have changes in their superhero wear, whether minor or major, in various volumes, issues, or series. 

These are the 3 basic steps of choosing and/or creating the best superhero costume. Additionally, don’t forget to be resourceful. Check on what kind of materials you can utilize to really bring pizzazz to your costume. Let your inner superhero shine and get creative!

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