Best superhero Movies Of All Time

best superhero movies of all time

Wonder Woman is a heroine like no other. She has saved the world more than once – and did it with her bare hands. The Amazonian princess has saved the lives of those in need and did so using nothing but her wits, her lasso, and her heart. More than that, she has become a beloved icon, a role model for generations to come, and a constant reminder of how better to live our lives through action and invention rather than inaction and passiveness. Now, with her latest blockbuster movie, she has been elevated to mythology.

Wonder Woman-

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Wonder Woman is the latest of the many Superman movies that have been created. The original Superman films, which came out just a few years after the creation of Superman comic books, are probably the most recognizable superhero films of all time. The character was born from comic books and has been featured in multiple comic books over the years. However, these comic books were not the definitive version of the character – they were only a precursor to the Caped Crusader’s classic stories. In fact, the very conception of the Superman character was almost obliterated when Jack Kirby ended his legendary run on the comic book series with the creation of the Superman movie Superman: The Movie.

Wonder Woman is the very definition of a female superhero – a strong, independent heroine who uses her knowledge, skills, and physical attributes to fight evil. In keeping with the tradition of the classic comic book, this modern day superhero knows that although her enemies may have been defeated, the ultimate threat to her existence remains herself. And although she is an independent woman, she still needs to rely on those around her to help her keep her life and her comic book books going. This is one of the hallmarks of the best superhero movies of all time – creating a protagonist who relies on others to get through her day.


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No list of comic book and superhero movies would be complete without bringing up X-Men. In fact, the first X-Men film introduced the concept of genetic engineering and spawned a whole new era of movies featuring characters whose origins are still partly unknown. One of the more intriguing facets of the X-Men series is the inclusion of the character of Cyclops, an aging Human from the future. Although he is never actually shown to have younger eyes in the films, there is certainly a great deal of speculation that he might be able to manipulate time. It was also revealed in the film that he could fly.

In terms of cast, X-Men directed by X-Men director Bryan Singer included several future X-Men stars like Patrick Stewart, Ian McShane, and Jennifer Lopez. However, it was the work of X-Men: The First Class that really defined the template for future X-Men movies. The film followed the story of mutant teenager Xavier’s photos teammate, Jean Grey, who was brought up as a human for the sole purpose of studying the mysterious psionic power known as telepathy. She trained alongside a number of other Xavier students, including Scott Summers, and the two teams of X-Men battling against Magneto in the first film became very familiar over the course of the eighties and nineties, when they frequently appeared in multimedia tie-ins.

Patrick Stewart And Hellboy

When director James Gunn signed on to make the sequel to X-Men, he found an interesting new element to add to the franchise. Because of the way that the original X-Men stories began, Gunn wanted to craft a modern tale in which the X-Men faced off against an advanced evil. This meant that, unlike the first X-Men films, the bad guys in this instalment were technologically superior and technologically advanced beyond their human enemies. It was during the development of X-Men: First Class that the director learned about one of the most important things that any superhero movie should have – an ensemble cast that would play multiple roles throughout the movie.

Two of the most important actors to step into the starring role in the original X-Men films are Patrick Stewart and Hellboy. When it was revealed that Stewart was cast as Hellboy, many hardcore X-Men fans were disappointed, particularly since they had grown accustomed to seeing Stewart’s character in the previous incarnations of the series. But the success of Hellboy has largely been attributed to the casting of Joe Fiore with the late Michael Caine. The legendary British actor stepped in to play the role of Hellboy after the original director decided to hire an inexperienced young British actor, Tim Burton, to handle the directing. The result was a blockbuster that revitalized the superhero genre and introduced a number of iconic X-Men characters to fans around the world.


Another of the best superhero movies of all time that was directed by none other than George Clooney included two of the X-Men featured in the original X-Men series, Professor X and Wolverine. When it was revealed that Professor X was to be portrayed by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, die hard fans of the series were not disappointed at all. In the film, the young man played by Schwarzenegger learned that he had mutant powers and was called Phoenix. He had a strange bracelet on his wrist that allowed him to project an energy field that could heal wounds and protect his mind from psychic attacks. The powerful psychic abilities of Phoenix prompted the X-Men to recruit him into their group and Phoenix became one of the best known X-Men of the late 20th century.

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