Best Superhero Comics Books of All Time

Not only children but even adults love reading comics. Although adult comics have some matter not meant for kids, kids novels have only age-specific content that is thrilling and fun to read. Here is the list.


A person riding a skateboard up the side of a road

By Yehudi Mercado, these comics revolve around the character Wax. He is a young mixmaster who used to live in Brooklyn in the 80s. He is a very talented person and also very good at whatever he does. But once, he caught the perfect beat, that caught the attention of robots from planet Discopia. This resulted in abduction of all his family members and his crush. All of them must learn the intergalactic musical martial art of Sc-Fu if they want to save themselves. This is one of the most intriguing comics where traditional style music meets old science fiction.

American Born Chinese

A pair of sneakers

Written by Gene Luen Yang, this comic is about a former National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature – Gene Yang. He writes thoughtfully and creates beautiful visuals. This comic comprises of three stories that cover Chinese tradition and the fearful identity of many Chinese Americans. The stories are very different, but eventually, one gets the connection and message conveyed.

Tiny Titans

Written by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani, these books feature short stories regarding different sidekicks of the DC Universe. The series are written in a beautiful way for young readers who get to learn about DC superheroes while also enjoying funny adventures of their favorite characters. Although, these comics do have some inside jokes that parents will understand, it is still kids-appropriate.


Written by Andy Ruton, this comic is about a titular Owly, who is an adventurous bird that enjoys making friends and solving problems. The series is more about pictures and are without dialogues. It is perfect for kids who want to slowly transit from picture books to visual stories. This comic has an adorable art style that can impress kids and adults alike. There are also various short stories written on Owly that are featured on the website.

All’s Faire In Middle School

Written by Victoria Jamieson, this comic is about Impy, who is an 11-year old girl. She finally gets a chance to go to a public school after many years of homeschooling. She is not an average school grader as her family is a part of the local Renaissance Faire. She soon feels embarrassed with her friends at school. She finally learns to embrace her own self and stands up for her cause like a true knight would do.

Aquicorn Cove

Written by Katie O’Neill, this comic about Lana. She discovers a hidden colony accidently after getting struck in a big storm. There, she sees magical creatures like small seahorses. She is encouraged by her aunt to rescue an aquacorn that gets injured in the storm. Then, a second storm hits the aquicorn’s cave again. She needs to find a way to protect her friends. This one is a beautifully drawn book that is all about protecting the oceans. 

These are some of the best superhero comics books to read.

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