Best Marvel Comic Stories Ever

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There are a lot of comics to read and which can attract. The demand for the quality comics increased on the release of marvel’s famous superhero under Timely Comics. There are almost 8000 characters, thousands of movies, comics, and TV-based universe; still, Marvel comic remains on the top of the list.

The demand for comics has changed in the 21st century as the interest in marvel comics got increased. However, there is a massive audience of fans who love to enjoy the graphics from stories.
However, most people love to collect old comics and still trade them at a higher rate. Still, some people like to go around for the old marvel comics.

Even the latest superheroes are out; the interest on Marvel comics will always stay on the top. Overall, some aspects got increased with the fans of Marvel comics, they are:

Best Marvel Comics Stories Ever
Best Marvel Comics Stories Ever

Character introductions
Best Marvel Comic Stories

The Infinity Gauntlet, 1991

The Infinity Gauntlet is one of the great works and a love story. The story is about a galactic power, named Thanos fell in love with the personification of Death. He spent years collecting the infinity stones to get the Infinity Gauntlet. The Gauntlet allowed Thanos to have great powers, and he had the capability of doing anything whatever he wants. As a result, Thanos killed almost half of the known life in the world to impress the embodiment of Death.

The writer, Jim Starlin, said that the idea behind the story is to feel like it could be the actual final fight in the Marvel world. He also confirmed that there were no gimmicks on the outset behind the story.
However, the Infinity Gauntlet proved there is nothing like the final fight between good and evil.

The Dark Phoenix Saga; Best Marvel Comic; 1980

Best Marvel Comics Stories Ever
Best Marvel Comics Stories Ever

Before the publication of this Marvel comics story in 1980, Jean Grey used to make a fight between Cyclops and Wolverine. Grey observed the fans for the X-Men and started the Dark Phoenix Saga.

X-Men comics have dealt with the fight between mutants and humans. Now, the Dark Phoenix Saga is the most powerful mutant that needs to decide to be a god or a human. However, this comic has overthrown the expectations of the fans.

Secret Wars, 1984

Secret wars are one the most popular Marvel Comics in the world, released in 1984. It impressed the fans of Marvell and turned into a landmark occurrence. This comic issued the characters that include Hulk, Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, and other ten popular characters.

The Galactus Trilogy, Marvel Comic 1966

The Galactus Trilogy is one of the best Marvel Comics stories. It deals with the scenario of a battle between a god and The Fantastic Four, who are superheroes. However, it is all about expectations. Most people got high expectations on this comic story.

Some powerful forces of Galactus have no end. He built an impossible threat that can be stopped if you avoid him altogether. He brought with him a sense of fear and arrived. The essential thing in this event is the battle in the entire Fantastic Four history.

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