Batman Beyond Movie Posters Gives First Impressions of the New Batman Films

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Batman fans have debated whether or not the Batman of the Batman movies is the worst superhero movie ever made. The argument goes something like this: There are far more Batman films made than Batman films made. So, while several truly bad ones are made, those Batman movies do not rate as low on the list as other films. Here are some reasons why those Batman films are not the greatest hits.

What Batman Beyond Is?

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First, let’s look at what Batman Beyond: Knight Of Fear is. It is a direct continuation (indeed, the sequel to) the Batman series. Instead of introducing any new characters, the director took the story we’ve already seen and expanded on it. Yes, we got an extended version of the Dark Knight, but Batman’s emphasis on taking down the Joker (from the previous movie) was toned down, as were the special effects. Instead, they made the most of what they had. The result is a far more action-packed movie than the previous films while still maintaining its own interesting and unique story.

Dark Knight Has Awakened

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In terms of story, the Batman Beyond series’s basic premise is that the Dark Knight has awakened, and he is trying to find out why he was brought back. The only way to do that is by traveling back in time and discovering the reason for his removal. But when you watch the movie, it becomes quickly apparent that the removal was done for a good reason: so that the Dark Knight could prevent any more crimes from occurring. There is, however, one problem: Bruce Wayne, who is now Batman, cannot remember what he did to deserve his parents’ death. Therefore, he goes back in time, and this time he didn’t just get caught up in the past. He gets caught up in the present.

Introduction To A New Batman

In other words, we are introduced to a new Batman, one who does not relive his crime spree over again but rather tries to learn from his mistakes. Of course, this causes Bruce Wayne to go into overdrive. He wants to clear his name and run with his parents’ legacy, but apparently, he also needs to rebuild his confidence and motivation. Many reviewers have blamed the Batman Beyond series is the lowest-grossing superhero movies ever made to coincide with the release of The Dark Knight. Still, critics have also said that the lack of originality was the film’s main failing – it was a retread of the previous films, just with different actors playing the lead roles. While there is no doubt that Batman Beyond is a good Batman movie, it does fall short of the standards set by the older films.

For instance, many critics criticized the handling of the comic book adaptations of the Dark Knight. Although Ben Affleck plays Batman in the movie and turns in a very convincing performance, critics say that the script for the movie fails to maintain continuity between the source material and the adapted one. Some say that it tries to pass off as a sequel to the Dark Knight rather than an origin story. In other words, it attempts to re-write history. Others say that it’s a complete rip-off of the Man of Steel – another comic book event. Regardless of how these critics view the movie, the Batman Beyond movie’s critical consensus is not a good adaptation of the source material.

The Movie Fails To Be Original

However, the biggest issue when it comes to Batman Beyond is that it fails to be original. Sure, the story follows Batman Begins and Dark Knight’s traditional formula, but the superhero movies franchise has evolved since those earlier films. Yes, The Dark Knight introduced the Batmobile, but the vehicles in those movies were quite different. Some say that The Dark Knight was completely unnecessary – aside from the lame chase scene! In other words, the car chase in the first Batman Beyond movie was not only lame but pointless at the same time.

For instance, compare the climax of the first Batman Beyond movie to the Dark Knight’s climax. There is no comparison in terms of visual effects or overall level of excitement. On the other hand, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy managed to introduce new superhero names like The Joker and The Riddler and bring back characters like The Batman. The cape does not even resemble any vehicle that you have seen before. The Batmobile looks almost exactly like the Batpod, and the Tumbler’s look is so much like the Batmobile that it’s annoying how certain characters are allowed to drive around in it.

Final Words

These are the two major issues that plague the Batman Beyond trailers, but what else? Well, let’s see. Is The Dark Knight 2 going to be better than the original version? I wouldn’t bet on it, but that’s probably just my opinion. Based on the trailers and the early buzz, I’d expect the Batman Beyond spin-off to be a hit, though.

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