All About Marvel Figures and Playsets


The Marvel comic and superhero world has been around for decades now. In fact, some people may even think that it is the original and oldest form of entertainment that has ever existed. With that said, there are many variant Marvel figures that have been produced as well. These figures are often very detailed and are designed to emulate the look of either a human or a monster. Whether you like superheroes like Spiderman, Thor, or Iron Man or action figures like Captain America, Wolverine, or Thanos, you will find a variety of Marvel Figures for sale on the market today.

Most Popular among Marvel Figures


One of the most popular of these marvel figures is Captain America. He is known for his red and white uniform and is perhaps best known for his ability to stand up to any sort of punishment. He is a leading figure in the comic book world and his figure is usually very detailed and quite detailed. A Captain America figure that features great articulation is a must for any Marvel fan.

One of the most popular and most reproduced items in the line-up of Marvel Comics’ action figures is Iron Man. Like Captain America, Iron Man is a beloved figure that is featured prominently in the comics. Unlike Captain America, Iron Man is much more well-known outside of comic books. He is featured in the hit movie Iron Man and has had an interesting spin-off series, Iron Man 2. While both action figures are highly articulate, they differ when it comes to their arms. A much smaller Iron Man figure is also available on the market but it does not feature very articulation.

Because of the extreme popularity of the Iron Man and Captain America characters, it is not surprising to see that many people look to buy action figures of them. There is a wide range of different collectors’ items that are based on these two most popular characters. You can purchase a Captain America figure that features all of the classic features of the original, or you can choose to buy an Iron Man figure to play up the additional abilities that are unique to this particular hero.

Hulk is another highly popular figure in the Marvel Comics line-up. Although not originally produced as an action figure, he was one of the primary weapons used by Dr. Bruce Banner in the films. A smaller version of the character is available as an articulation figure and you can often buy a Hulk figure that is very detailed and well painted. The Hulk Variants are all highly articulated and each variant comes with its own weapon as well as armor.

Spider-Man is perhaps the most popular Marvel Comics figure in the Marvel toy-line and like all of the other action figures, his figure can be found in the standard size as well as a Hasbro version of him. A standard Spider-Man figure is going to feature articulation on both of his arms as well as on his face. articulation on the arms is particularly important since a large number of different articulation movements allow for a much more dynamic possibility for your action figure. Likewise, there are numerous possible options available for the torso of the action figure. Additionally, many Spider-Man sets now feature a figure of Spider-Man swinging on his webbing. As you may have guessed, the Spider-Man Variants that are available in the Hasbro Spider-Man toy set include this element.

Marvel and Unique Figures

A statue of a person

One of the most unique and interesting Marvel Figures that Marvel Toys have released are the Marvel Superheros. These tiny, collectible action figurines are very small and very cute and they are great items to display in any environment. The Marvel Superheros are generally made from soft rubber and they feature a magnetic clasp on the bottom of their translucent plastic bodies. Due to the extremely small size of the Marvel Superheros, many people mistakenly believe that they are going to be extremely hard to find and because of this misconception, many are unaware of the fact that they are widely available in the marketplace today. Due to their scarcity, it is highly recommended that you do not pay full retail for these adorable little collectibles and instead, if you are fortunate enough to stumble upon one while searching for your Marvel Comics Superheroes, the value will greatly increase.

One of the biggest selling points of the Marvel Superheros is the fact that they are a limited production variant. The limited production variants of the Marvel Superheros, which include Captain America, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Wolverine are very hard to find and as a result, very hard to obtain as a collector’s item. Because of this, the rare and unique Marvel Superheros are extremely sought after by many diehard Marvel Comics fanatics, as well as casual collectors. If you happen to stumble across a piece of the first batch of these Captain America Super Heroes, or if you happen to know where a special limited edition Spider-Man was released, you can very easily purchase one of your very own.

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