Adopts Ultra-Strong Carbide Blade with Solid Hardness and Sharp Cutting to Have a Smooth Operation!

During this pandemic, we tend to learn this on our own. Being safe in our houses for the well-being of ourselves and others, this glass cutter helps us to do tasks individually. It can cut glass to a certain thickness to provide a firm handle and self-lubricating mechanism, which can fix the blade and help you get the perfect cutting effect every time. The cutting head is very wide and it is easy to cut with a ruler.

Introducing you to a portable glass diamond cutter, a glass cutter is used to cut diamond to create the split, but more commonly a small cutting wheel made of hardened steel or tungsten carbide is worth the buy rather than wasting your time on other products that are not beneficial.  

This pandemic situation has emphasized on most people adapting to the new hobbies and jewelry making could be one of it. If you are planning to come up with something like that, you might need the relevant materials and tools to do that. If you are well versed in dealing with diamond, then check out how these steel plate glass Diamond cutters would be of help. 

Steel Blade Glass Diamond Cutter With Non-Slip Handle

Speaking of this quality cutter product, it comes with a handle that will support your handling of the material without any hassles. This handle support is mandatory for you to work freely. This portable glass diamond cutter, with a cutting wheel that may be used for long life and delivers the foremost superb results. Comes with a non-slip handle, for a secure and cozy grip, within a handle oil reservoir.

The glass cutter has materials admire metal, aluminum, and an inorganic compound wheel, with a complete length roughly of 17.5cm, and a cutting vary of 5-12mm glass and may be used handily and simply hold the cutter since its handle contains a non-slip feature and can effectively cut and thrust through totally different materials. 

The package contains the glass diamond cutter. 

Purchase this Steel Blade Glass Diamond Cutter With Non-Slip Handle today.


  • Materials: Metal, Aluminum, Carbide Wheel
  • Total length: approx. 17.5 cm
  • Cutting range: 5-12 mm glass
  • Package includes: Glass Cutter
A close up of a device


  • Portable as well as lightweight 
  • Can cut and penetrate through various materials 
  • The handle provides a non-slip feature 
  • Comfortable grip
A hand holding an object in his hand


  • Not safe for small children 
  • Insignificantly expensive than the usual glass cutter price range 


It is quite fascinating that we have been using glass for so many years, cutting it into various shapes, and placing it into intrinsic designs, which is truly breathtaking. This glass cutter is a simple cutter that is portable and easy to use with a good safety feature and a self-lubricating material and cutting half-tempered glass, hard glass, quartz glass, optical glass, and LCD panel glass is worth the buy. 

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