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An action figure is a character of any movie, a movie series, animation etcetera. The action figure resembles a person from such movies or web series and is a toy figure of the same character. The action figures are mostly made of plastic and based on the characters from a film. These action figures have a huge demand, as various people who are fans of such web series or movies tend to collect them. The action figures are mostly used and marketed towards various collectors who are obsessed with a web series, movies, book, animation, etc.

PVC Action Figures For Collectors

The PVC action figures are mostly doll-like and are designed to resemble and give a toy shape structure to a character from a movie or literature. These action figures are created by assembling various plastic parts which are made. The designing of the character takes place through the following process- firstly,  the character is selected, after that, a design and various sketches are made, next, a clay prototype is made by looking at the sketch. 

Later on, the actual model is made by bending various aluminum wires which are used to form the backbone of the figure. Then various other wires are used to make the arms, legs, and the pose in which the figure would stand. After that, the shape is given to the underclay and it is then baked in order to harden it. Then, the sculptor finally gives shape and details to the figure. Keen attention is paid to the details which are present on the PVC action figures, their expression, their stance, etc is given great importance. Lastly, these are sent to the manufacturer for approval.

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  • Item Type: Puppets
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: One Size
  • Dimensions: 17cm
  • Mfg Series Number: Puppets
  • Remote Control: No
  • Version Type: Remastered Version
  • Age Range: > 3 years old
  • Commodity Attribute: Peripherals
  • Model Number: Z3840
  • By Animation Source: JAPAN
  • Condition: Pre-sale
  • Completion Degree: Finished Goods
A close up of a toy


  • The action figures a quite tall and realistic and hence make a great collection.
  • They can help decorate empty spaces and give your house a great look.
  • As it is made of hardened clay and aluminum wires it cannot be destroyed easily and cannot break.
  • Fans who are obsessed with their favorite characters may own these characters. 
A close up of a toy


  • PVC may contain dangerous chemicals.
  • The chemicals may contain toxic substances that can be harmful to a person’s health.
  • These figures may be expensive.


Many people praise the characters from a movie, web series, or animation and they want small figures of such characters, as some of them may be collectors and would want an entire collection of the movie, web series, animation they like. Some people are fond of collecting these action figures. These figures are a must-buy for the fans of various animations and movies.

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