A New Superheroes Movies Are Coming Out This Summer

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With the success of last year’s Iron Man 3, there are plenty of new superheroes movies coming out this summer. And since I love to tell people about them, I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorites right now. But what do new superheroes movies have to offer these days? That’s a question you’ll answer from the funny side, the romance side, or the heart-pounding action and adventure side of things. Let me see if I can dig up some new titles for you…

Dc Comic Book

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The first one I have is based on a DC comic book. It’s called Aquaman. Aquaman is a born underwater explorer who has the ability to breathe underwater as well as the strength and agility of an Olympic athlete. He’s been stranded on an island with a huge fish that has taken on an extra life, and his only chance to escape is to enlist the aid of a special marine diver.

Another upcoming superhero movie starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Soderbergh is called Take It Easy. In this movie, Cruise plays a character called “Herman;” who is a successful stand up comic book writer living in California. When his wife realizes he’s been writing about comic book characters for weeks, she takes him to rehab to get him back into shape. The storyline centers on Herman losing his grip on reality because of a brain tumor.

Iron Man

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The next new superheroes movies coming out this summer are Iron Man and Spider-Man. These two movies have a lot in common. First of all, they’re both produced by Marvel Comics. They’re also set apart from the comics because they don’t take place in the Marvel Universe. Still, the comic book world is where these films take their inspiration from.

X-Men: First Class, starring Patrick Stewart as Professor X, will be the third installment in the new X-Men series. This is the first time that an X-Men movie has been made that doesn’t feature Wolverine (Xavier.) The new film will introduce younger versions of both characters.

Iron Sky

One more superhero movie is in the works, and it’s called Iron Sky. It’s being directed by the well-known Simon West. It’s supposed to star Michael Douglas and Jeff Bridges, and it’s supposed to be a science fiction adventure/horror movie. There are a lot of theories floating around as to what the movie will be about. One popular theory is a nuclear war between the United States and Russia, and it’s supposed to be very positive and hopeful in tone.

Bottom Line

The next two trailers that Disney has released give us a better look at the movies that are coming out this summer. It’s great to see some of the old characters from the comics brought into the realm of the big screen. I especially like Zazzle’s trailer, which has a lot of the same elements as the original Spiderman movie. The only difference is that it’s already been hyped to the max. Who knows if they’ll keep the same hype level for the next two trailers

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