A Brief History Of Old Superhero Movies

old superhero movies

Many of us fall in love with our childhood superhero movies and our childhood memories are often just as strong as the stories we hear about them today. Perhaps it is because these stories made us feel that we could be a superhero, that we felt inspired to be Spider-Man, or that we felt inspired to be Wonder Woman. Because of the enduring popularity of the comic books and the icons we grew up loving, it is easy to see why many people want to re-create some of those old superhero movies from their own childhoods. Here is a list of five of the most intriguing examples of a superhero movie for kids that you might want to check out.

Iron Man

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The first one is Iron Man. One of the earliest examples of a shared universe superhero, Iron Man allows us to jump into the world of high tech espionage and adventure with Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Russo, and Scarlett Johansson. This Iron Man film is a fantastic showcase of the incredible visual effects used to create the Marvel franchise, and also the complex story line (which include a rather touchy death). While on this planet, Tony Stark created an ultimate power suit called the Iron Man, which contains parts that are made out of bio-hazards and is almost indestructible. When his friend Sam Raimi was trying to create a spin-off of the Iron Man franchise, they had been hoping for a black and white version of the character, and with the success of The Avengers, this is the most likely direction that the new movie will take.

The Incredibles

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The second is The Incredibles. While this movie is not considered a true superhero movie for children, like superhero movies like Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man, it still has its wonderful elements. In the Incredibles, there is an unstable finite entity called Nano-Tech that makes humans grow in amazing ways. It is from this ability to grow that the movie takes place, as the children begin to encounter other life forms and grow into larger and more powerful creatures.

The Third Is X-Men:

The Origin. While X-Men: The Origin did not quite live up to expectations, it did make some waves. It was a highly entertaining and at times controversial movie that took on some controversial topics to include alternate costumes for some of the X-Men, criticism of the X-Men series, and at one point, a scene where the character Wolverine is showing to be in a relationship with an elderly woman. Wolverine is a good guy, and some of the relationships he goes into are touching and honest. Those are definitely the things that make X-Men: The Origin a great superhero movie for people who love these kinds of movies.

Amazing Spider-Man

The fourth is Amazing Spider-Man. One of my favorite Spider-Man movies, and maybe the most overlooked of them all! The Spider-Man franchise has always been among my favorite movies. Spidey’s world is fantastic, and every part of him is great. He has his high science background, his amazing strength, and his webs really do make a difference when he’s on the battlefield. I also love the villains that come out of the woodwork throughout the movies (most of which are amazing).

The fifth is X-Men: Days of Future Past. This is the movie that started the whole concept of having a story that could happen thousands of years in the future. The future is now looking very bright for our characters, and we get to see a future without any super powers. It’s a very somber film, and while I personally didn’t care for the super ending (it didn’t fit with the rest of the movie), I do remember that it was an intense movie that kept me interested throughout.

X-Men And Fantastic Four

The final old superhero movies on this list are the original X-Men and Fantastic Four. These are two of my favorites, and I grew up with them. Those films have some great fights, and they introduce some new characters as well. While it’s unlikely that any of these will come into contact with Spiderman 3 anytime soon (and there have been a lot of rumors that they may not), they will always hold a special place in my heart. I can’t say I’m mad at Spiderman for existing, but there’s just something about seeing Peter Parker and his web swinging through New York that makes it a very emotional experience. That and the classic stories that have followed him since the beginning.


Old superhero movies are a great way to relive your childhood, or to enjoy another comic book based movie. They are also a great way to make some old comic book dreams become a reality. There are a ton of great superhero movies coming out, so if you love superheroes, you’ll definitely want to check them out. Some of them will be coming out on DVD right away, so make sure to check them out as soon as possible. Sometimes it’s good to wait a few years to enjoy an old favorite, and this is a perfect time to catch up. If you’re a superhero fan, you owe it to yourself to see as many of your favorite super heroes in as big a package as possible.

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