9 Best Fantasy Books You Need to Know About

Fantasy Books

Are you looking for the best fantasy books?

We have 9 best fantasy books that are worth checking out. One of the best things about these best-selling authors is that they’re not only entertaining, but also educational. So even if you’re not into reading, there’s a good chance that one of these titles will appeal to your interests. And don’t worry – we’ve got something for everyone! Whether you like epic battles between fearsome foes or coming-of-age stories with an unusual twist, this list has it all…

1. Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

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The best fantasy books are the books that seem to be able to transport you into a world of magic and mystery, where anything is possible. And there’s no better book than JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy for that experience. The story centers on Frodo Baggins, who must carry an enchanted ring across Middle Earth in order to destroy it in the fires at Mount Doom. Along the way he gathers allies while having many adventures which test his willpower and courage. It’s easy to get lost in this epic tale of good versus evil; one best enjoyed with your favorite beverage (or pipe weed) by your side!

2. Harry Potter by JK Rowling

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The best fantasy books are often bestsellers. Harry Potter by JK Rowling is no exception. The novels in the series have spent more than 400 weeks on bestseller lists, and they’ve sold over 450 million copies worldwide.

The first book was published in 1997, and there were seven books released in total—the final one coming out in 2007. With each new release, the stories got longer and became darker; however, it wasn’t until the fifth installment that readers saw a major shift to what many consider to be an even better storyline for Harry Potter: he turns 17 years old and attends his last year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Readers who had grown up reading about this fictional world with Harry could now relate to him as a teenager.

3. Percy Jackson And The Olympians by Rick Riordan

The best fantasy books can transport readers to another world. They are imaginative, inviting and immersive. Readers find themselves pulled into the story, living it as they go along. This is what Rick Riordan has done with Percy Jackson And The Olympians, an epic story of a modern day boy who learns he’s really a demigod son of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea. With his best friends Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood by his side, Percy embarks on a dangerous journey across America to save their camp from monsters unleashed by Hades before he takes over Mount Olympus himself!

What makes this series so special? It’s accessible for all ages—younger children will enjoy the adventure while older ones will appreciate the clever storytelling and references to Greek mythology. The best part? Even after finishing the series, readers can still go back and enjoy it over and over again.

4. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

JRR Tolkien is best known for writing The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but in 1937 he wrote a book called The Hobbit. This book has sold more than 150 million copies and has been translated into over 70 languages. It’s also one of the best-selling books in history. Like many fantasy novels, it draws on folklore and mythology to create its own world where elves, dwarves, wizards, dragons, trolls and other magical creatures can exist alongside humans.

The best thing about this novel is that there are no clear good or bad guys; instead everyone’s motives are mixed up with selfishness and heroism. That means you’ll never know what will happen next because there are so many possible outcomes! And while reading it you might have found yourself visualising scenes from the acclaimed Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies.

As far as best fantasy books go, The Hobbit is a classic!

5. The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis

CS Lewis’ best-selling and beloved series, The Chronicles of Narnia, was first published in 1950. It has been translated into more than 40 different languages and is one of the best selling books of all time. Published between 1949 and 1954, it is a story of adventure, heroism and salvation set against the background of world war II.

The Narnia books have enchanted generation after generation with their magic spellbinding power to transport children to another world where they meet talking animals who can be friends or enemies; where evil witches lurk on every corner; where snow leopards leap like tigers through deep forests; but most importantly where great heroes risk everything for others: Aslan the lion (the son of God), Peter the high king, and the most unlikely of all heroes – a small, barefoot girl named Lucy.

The seven books in The Chronicles of Narnia series are: “The Magician’s Nephew”, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, “Prince Caspian”, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, “The Silver Chair”, “The Horse and His Boy” and “The Last Battle”.

6. Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson

The best fantasy books are often bestsellers, but sometimes they come from authors who are on the cutting edge of what’s new in the genre. Brandon Sanderson is both. He has written some of the best-selling novels in recent years, including The Way of Kings and Words Of Radiance, which were both New York Times best sellers.

The Stormlight Archive series was originally scheduled to be a trilogy, but that changed when it became apparent that there was more story to tell. Now it will be six volumes long with Oathbringer being released November 2017 and Book 5 sometime after 2020. This means you have plenty of time to catch up before reading Oathbringer!

Brandon Sanderson takes his readers on an epic journey with his best fantasy books. The story takes place on Roshar, a world of stone and storms.

It’s a rough planet with violent weather, intense magical storms and ferocious highstorms that can tear buildings apart or strip flesh from bones in minutes. It also has strange spren called the Stormlight that seems to permeate everything.

7. The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss

The best fantasy books are often the most imaginative and different, with plots that twist in ways you never expect. The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss is one of these.

The best way to describe it might be as a high-quality literary mashup: part epic fantasy, part mystery novel, and all told in an original voice that combines humor and tragedy. It features a hero who’s both clever and hapless but utterly lovable—a kind of reluctant wizard apprentice named Kvothe.

Kvothe tells his own tale from childhood until just before he attends the university at age 17 – we follow him through years spent living out his parents’ dark legacy, learning to fight evil magicians called Chandrian and discovering the best fantasy books aren’t always about fighting.

With a name that means “to know”, this best fantasy book trilogy is an intelligent and unique masterpiece – with the second book The Wise Man’s Fear out now, and the third and final book coming out April 2014.

8. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is best known for his Mistborn novels, which have been bestsellers and award winners. He has written Elantris, Warbreaker, The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance as well as finishing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series with co-author Brandon Mull. His first original novel in many years was published November 21st 2011: Steelheart.

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson is a fantasy trilogy set on the world Scadrial, where ash falls from the sky and mists creep up at night to choke the life out of plants and animals. A thousand years ago great wars were fought to bring an end to this devastation; then civilization built itself back up again until new wars tore it all apart. The Lord Ruler has ruled with an iron grip and an elite class of nobility for a thousand years; the downtrodden masses, living in squalor and oppression, sense change on the wind. A new hero will rise from their ranks to topple old order and bring about a new age where all can be equal again.

9. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

The best fantasy books are often those that best represent the genre. And The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan is one of the best. It’s a story about a group of people who have been chosen as special champions to fight evil, and it features epic battles, deep character development, and an immersive world from which readers never want to return.

The best fantasy books are those that best represent the genre. And The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan is one of the best

It’s a classic tale that spans 14 massive novels, with just as many characters to match. It’s also spawned several prequel and spinoff series written by other authors, but none have quite matched the scope or success of the original.

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