Facts About Superheroes

8 Lesser Known Facts About Superheroes

Facts about superheroes, you should know. If you are a fanboy about your favorite superheroes, then you’re supposed to know about some less known facts about superheroes. Since the infinity saga is over, Stan Lee is no more among us, fans are eagerly waiting for phase 4. Black Widow is yet to come that will be placed before Captain America: Civil War. Phase 4 will be officially beginning with the hands of Peter Parker (yeah! Sony has returned him to Disney), the guy who ended the Infinity saga with his last solo movie: Spiderman: Far From Home (2019). Now let’s get acquainted with the lesser-known facts about the superheroes of Marvel Comic Universe and Diamond comics.

8. Batman Vs. Superman

It can be said for sure that Superman is the most popular hero from DC. Despite this, Batman has bagged the award for appearing in most of the comics. Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, has appeared in a total of 6250 numbers of comics.

7. Facts About Superheroes: A Gay Superman!

8 Lesser Known Facts About Superheroes

Superman is not a human that you all know! He is from Krypton. The Kryptonite stones provide him with the superpowers to save the world. Among all these Kryptonite stones, there is one stone included in it. That is the Pink Kryptonite. This enables the homosexual tendencies in Superman. You’re not supposed to know this because this happened in one comic only.

6. NASA Needs To Enquire Thor: Odinson

What could have happened if DC and Marvel superheroes collided and Thor hit Superman with Mjolnir? It cannot be said for sure, but we guess that would be fatal. This is so because Thor created a black hole by hitting Gorr. Somebody give a call to NASA!

5. Facts About Superheroes: A Sane Joker

Joker, the forever enemy of our favorite superhero Batman is known to be insane. Besides that, he suffers from super sanity. He realizes his weird place in the storylines and the important bond with Batman. Moreover, he can communicate with readers from the pages of the comic book.

4. Spidey: The Master Of Cheap Thrill

Peter Parker is known to be creating a time machine only with a blender, a VCR, and a microwave. Like, seriously! He is the right ancestor of Tony Stark indeed.

3. Daredevil: A Fake Dead

8 Lesser Known Facts About Superheroes
8 Lesser Known Facts About Superheroes

There is a storyline of Daredevil naming Fall From Grace. There this character faked his death. This was to be done because his identity was disclosed. After fixing some issues, when he returns to his beloved, he proved that no one can escape from reality.

2. Grey Hulk

It is a fact that is unknown to almost every comic reader. Stan Lee wished Hulk to be green. But it had turned to a green color for some printing issue.

1. Facts About Superheroes: Iron Man Suits

In the end, the spotlight goes on the most popular superhero: Iron Man. More than fifty suits were made by Tony Stark himself. The suits were designed for different purposes. Your jaws will drop after listening that one Iron Man suit had the backup of Tony’s mind to give proxy during his absence. I hope it works well after the Endgame snap.

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