Worst Superhero Costumes

Almost all of us grew up watching and reading the amazing superhero comics, and if there’s one thing most fans tried to do was to copy the superhero costumes depicted in the comics. It’s understandable that recreating a superhero costume in the real world can be quite a bit of a challenge, especially since they are made to look so cool in the comics. However, considering the huge budget that movies have, we would expect at least some decent costumes that will look realistic and something close to what’s shown in the comics. While we would not say that the comic illustrators never messed things up with the costume, but, after years of having those comics around, it is easier to choose the best costumes to go with, or so we thought!

5 Worst Superhero Costumes Ever Shown In Movie
5 Worst Superhero Costumes Ever Shown In Movie

Superhero Costumes In The Movies That Became Major Disappointment

Long before MCU quite literally transformed the way superhero movies are created, we had to endure some of the worst ever superhero movies being made, along with truly outrageous superhero costumes being shown on screen. Well, even in recent times there have been few mess-ups, but thankfully not as catastrophic as we saw earlier.

So, here we are, with 5 worst designed superhero costumes ever in the movies.

Catwoman (2004)

While the 2004 Catwoman movie starring Halle Berry failed in the story department, it did not do any justice to the Catwoman’s attire as well. Looking back it’s hard to decide whether they were trying to make some movie for the kids or create a soft-porn with that look. Not only they literally used a black bra as a top, well a little more revealing and tattered, they also created weirdly scratched and torn pants to go with it. If we did not know better, we would have thought this to be a costume for, you know what…

5 Worst Superhero Costumes Ever Shown In Movie
5 Worst Superhero Costumes Ever Shown In Movie

The Flash (Justice League, 2017)

Yes, we get the idea that Barry Allen is poor and does not have the money to create an amazing suit for himself, but for a guy who runs at super-speed and for whom friction is a deadly enemy, you will at least expect him to create something that will lessen the friction! But no, we have a 2017 Justice League movie where Flash looks like a homeless man having created something from scraps! Even a spandex suit would have probably looked better than this.

Batman (Batman & Robin, 1997)

Yes, I do understand that it was back in 1997 and superhero movies was not being created as much, but to mess up the bat costume is something unacceptable. You are showing a multi-billionaire who literally has all the resources in his hand, for heaven’s sake! This is one Batman movie that even George Clooney, the lead cast, wouldn’t watch it ever.

The Thing (Fantastic Four, 200

Nothing can make us forget the monstrosity that the Fantastic Four movie in 2005 was. However, if something scared us more than the movie, it was The Thing! Any Fantastic Four fan will tell you that it isn’t some costume. The Thing is literally made of rock and that’s his skin. However, the movie makers created a costume out of rubber and never bothered to remove the rubbery effect during edits!

Green Goblin (Spiderman, 2002)

It’s understandable that recreating Green Goblin on-screen, especially back in 2002, was quite a bit of a challenge. However, we do deserve something better than a suit that reminds us heavily of the Power Rangers! If this Spiderman movie was a terrible failure, Green Goblin’s metallic suit was an even bigger disappointment!

Well, you might come across even more hideous suits if you keep digging, but we will leave it here.

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