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The Most Popular Comic Book You Must Read

Being kids we loved reading comics and it is tradition since decades. Many comics may come and go, but the all-time favorite will be Marvel comics. Since decades this is one such comics that has not loosed the fan base rather with time it is increasing rapidly.

The number of characters and the features is entirely different from what you get in other comics. Every time the emerging character makes this comics series better and interesting than the others available in the market.

Marvel comic is an American comic book company and is the largest companies in the world of comic books. Marvel comic books are Morden approach to the world of comics by introducing superheroes to the world.

5 Most Interesting Marvel Comics Characters


A high school teen who turned into a superhero when bitten by a radioactive spider. Isn’t it great?
Thus, gained the speed strength and powers of a spider. In Marvel comics, we get to know how Spiderman fights crime and saves the world. He uses his power to help others through his personal life is pretty much messed up.


A rich genius playboy who designed a suit of armor for himself and reinvented into Iron man. Iron man is a popular and powerful character in marvel comics who protects the world and has access to information about his enemies. In Marvel comics, Iron man has been reincarnated several times and is the founding member of the superheroes team The Avengers.


Dr. Bruce Banner lived a normal life until he was exposed to gamma bomb explosions while saving a teen which turned him into an uncontrollable green monster powered by his anger. When Banner transforms into Hulk his physical capabilities are greatly enhanced. His strength level is proportionate to the level of his anger.


In Marvel comics, The Mad Titan Thanos roams across the universe in search for the infinity stone which can be put to use for shocking purposes. He is invincible strong and capable of traveling to the stars. He has superior scientific knowledge about his strengths and power.

5 Most Interesting Marvel Comics Characters


Thor, the son of Odin known as God of Thunder uses his limitless power to protect Asgard and planet Earth alike. His signature weapon is Mjlonir which can be used to summon rains wind lightning and thunder. Later he became the founding member of the Avengers Marvel comics offers fictional superheroes who are admired and loved by all the age group people. These comics are famous for there notable characters from which 5 are stated above. These comics takes us into an imaginary world and grasp our interests on to it.

No matter how old you are, you must enjoy reading these comics for refreshment. In fact, there are many people who find it the best way to get rid of their hectic schedule. So, to keep yourself energized and to enjoy new adventures keep reading Marble comics as you know that nothing can refresh your mind as it can.

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