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Greatest DC Superheroes

5 Greatest DC Superheroes Of All Time

There are many DC superheroes, you will found in DC Comics along with a countless number of villains. Some characters are most iconic of all time to grace comic books, cartoons, and movies. However, few superhero characters have soared above others because of their visually intriguing powers, or compelling backstories. In most cases, both the scenarios matched.

So here are our top DC superheroes:

1. Superman – Most Recognizable Among DC Superheroes

Everyone has heard about Superman in the world. He is probably behind the explosion of the superhero genre in the first place because he virtually predates all other superheroes that we love today.

5 Greatest DC Superheroes Of All Time
5 Greatest DC Superheroes Of All Time

An epitome of justice and truth, the character is famous for his unbending righteousness. There is criticism from fans that Man of Steel continues to be the last son of the planet Krypton. The tragic origin of the hero has brought an array of comic books over the years.

2. Batman – Most Popular Of All DC Superheroes

5 Greatest DC Superheroes Of All Time
5 Greatest DC Superheroes Of All Time

No one can doubt that according to popularity, Batman is a super favorite superhero of all time. In DC Comics, Superman’s perfect counterpart is Batman. He offers a conflicting sense of brooding commitments and darkness to Superman’s clear vision of whatever he does.

Two classic works – The Killing Joke and The Dark Knight Returns- capture entirely the extremely thrilling and morally complex world of Batman. And who can ignore his stunning foes who have their own place in the comics? They inject the confliction in our most brooding superhero.

3. Flash – Super Speed

For non-comic book readers, Flash may not have so much value, but the character is now slowly getting recognition, thanks to the Justice League cartoons, and a movie as he is also a member of the team. He is the fastest man that exists in DC-verse. His character is very often considered as more relaxed and fun than other top DC superheroes. The character comes to the forefront thanks to the TV series adaptation of the same name Flash on The CW.

Over the years, Flash has evolved with various men donning the name. Every Flash character gets a highlight anywhere they go. He travels in time and comes out with surprising stories to make you hooked.

4. Green Lantern – Intergalactic Superhero

Yes. It is true that the Green Lantern movie has to be effectively translated in live-action yet. But unlike the film, the character has a depth and is considered as DC’s one of the most powerful superheroes.

Several men yielded the magical ring like many has donned the name Flash. The ring is the signature of Green Lantern Corps., a law enforcement group of the intergalactic world. In the comic book, all the Green Lanterns played a significant role, and all are strong addition in the DC world.

5 Greatest DC Superheroes Of All Time
5 Greatest DC Superheroes Of All Time

5. Wonder Woman – DC’s Prominent Female Superhero

Apparently, Wonder Woman is the most loveable and famous female superhero in the comic world. Previously she was the only character of Trinity from DC Comics to have no film of her own.

But recently all have changed, thanks to Gal Gadot who portrayed the character superbly and appeared in “Dawn of Justice”, and her separate movie titled, “Wonder Woman”. She is as powerful as Superman, and her origin story is rooted in Greek mythology. Her magnificent journey has gained popularity over a couple of years. Fans are finally learning how fascinating superhero she is.

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