5 Different Types Of Comics

5 Different Types Of Comics

For the comic book enthusiast, you’ll want to find out what the different types of comics there are. Having a bit of an insight into comic books and what makes each one unique will bring you to a higher level of appreciation of this amazing kind of printed art. 

5 Different Types Of Comics
5 Different Types Of Comics

Different Types Of Comics: Best 5

1. Superhero Comic Books 

Let’s start with something that we are too familiar, and all-too engrossed with (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)-superhero comic books. Two big names will ring influential because of how popularized they’ve become. 

Although, having said that, many still debate about who actually invented the very first one. Still, we’ll rely on written history and DC and Marvel are the O.G.s. They came at a time right before the World War. The War itself rendered it almost buried in the dust.

However, after some time, they gained their momentum once more. As a result, they’re among the most valued type of comic books today. 

2. Graphic Novels 

We can name a slew of graphic novelists, but we’ll let you have your fill of fun in discovering them and their work. Graphic novels consist of comic book content. However, the word “novel” implies a lengthy book. However, this type of comics is exactly what you imagine when you hear “comics.”

With what’s mentioned in the paragraph before, graphic novels are much longer than their conventional comic book counterparts. The make and artistry, along with structure, are pretty much the same, though. 

3. Manga Comics 

We’ll travel to a different part of the world to learn about Manga Comics. Another amazing form of comics but with distinct features and way of drawing, and style, separate from superhero comic books. 

That’s exactly what differentiates this form of comics from any other. You’ll immediately notice the striking uniqueness in how each frame is sketched. 

On the one hand, there is a myriad of superheroes from quirky to badass, cute to fiery. On the other, the genres are just as varied as well. Romance, comedy, horror, action, etc. You can find them all in the world of Manga. 

5 Different Types Of Comics
5 Different Types Of Comics

4. Alternative Comics 

Here’s something that’s more on the lesser popularized category. Alternative comics are your non-pop choice. Artists are focused on stories that delve into more mature themes. Some of them, very true-to-life. 

Moreover, alternative comics have a string of plots, they reach out not only to a specific type of reader. Nevertheless, get ready for unfiltered depictions here and there.

5. Horror Comics

Yup. Horror has a whole classification reserved for itself alone. The reason for this is that there really are a ton (and we mean, a TON) of comic books dedicated to glorifying the scary, dark, and gory. 

There’s an appeal to it, which is what keep readers hooked on them, page after page. 

So, what do you of these 5 types of comics? Want to include more? Tell us what you think and share your ideas with our community. 

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