Lego Marvel Superheroes

Lego Marvel Superheroes Cool Facts You Should Know

Lego Marvel Super Heroes has around 155 characters that you can collect during the game. Every character has their own powers and abilities which can be used in solving puzzles and getting past levels and challenges. But among these 155 characters, there are few characters which you should try to collect as soon as possible. Getting these characters will allow you to complete a few missions in Free Play mode to collect the mini kits Lego Marvel Superheroes

Lego Marvel Superheroes

The following are the 5 most effective characters collecting them that can change your game approach.

1. Sandman

Sandman is one of the villains hired by Doctor Doom to collect the bricks to make the “Doom Ray Of Doom”. You must try to defeat Sandman during the very first Story mode mission. Although he is not that much powerful, he has a unique ability to change shapes by using sandpits and get into areas where no other characters can enter. Adding this villain to your collection can be very useful during Free Play for both the main and hub missions. To win this character you have to complete the Sand Central mission in Story Mode, then purchase him for 175,500 studs.

2. Wolverine Lego Marvel Superheroes

can use his claws to activate claw switches and he can dig up dig spots to reveal items or pieces. These abilities come in handy during the story mode mission for getting collectibles. To get this character you have to complete the Rock Up at the Lock-Up mission.

3. Jean Grey

Sometimes you need special powers and abilities to save Stan Lee, get minikits or obtain collectibles. Jean Grey has this special ability of telekinesis or mind control if collect in the earlier phase of the game it can be very useful throughout the mission. Like Wolverine, Jean Grey is also unlocked as you play through the Story Mode mission. You have to complete Bifrosty Reception to get this character.

4. Magneto

Many collectibles are there which can be obtained by using the Magnetic ability only. Only a few characters have this magnetic ability and the Master of Magnetism – Magneto is one of them. Winning this character can be very handy during this mission for obtaining collectibles. To get this character you have to complete the Magnetic Personality Story mode mission. As you complete this mission you will get a token. Then you need to pay 150,000 studs to get Magneto for your army.

5. Galactus Lego Marvel Superheroes

Many Marvel Superheroes have this Power Cosmic ability, but Galactus is the easiest to get. You have to complete The Good, The Bad, and The Hungry Story mode mission to finish the main campaign missions, and then you can include this smaller version of the giant villain in your army.

Using Sandman, Wolverine and Jean Grey you can actually go through, many of the Free Play main and hub missions to obtain collectibles which include Deadpool bricks, gold bricks and token for more characters. You can make yourself powerful by winning the Deadpool bricks in the initial stage of the mission especially the stud multiplier bricks.

Many official game guides are available online which you can use to get most out of the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game. Lego Marvel Super Heroes (3DS) eGuide or Lego Marvel Super Heroes(PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo WiiU, PC) eGuide Choose the apt version for you.

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