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Every superhero has fans and admirers, but Spiderman is one such superhero who is loved by almost all. Yes, when it comes to Spiderman, both DC and Marvel fans are in love with him, and there are a plethora of reasons. One of the reasons can be the cartoon show that used to be telecasted in the 2000s. The Z generation people used to be kids back then, and they literally feel nostalgic with the character. Apart from that, there are so many reasons why he has garnered much love from people across the world. Here are three reasons why we love Spiderman.

Absolutely Relatable

There is no denial in saying that we people get connected to the characters that we relate too. Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, is one such character with whom we can relate too in all the circumstances. He is someone, whom we have walked past by, sit next to in a subway or even our friend in college.

Peter isn’t rich or disciplined, assassin, or anything. He is just a common man like you and me who got superpowers. Even though he possesses these superpowers, he just behaves like you and me only. He has to work even though he has superpowers; he isn’t a god-like personality or anything. Peter Parker is one such character with which everyone can relate.

Three Reasons Why Spiderman Is One Of The Most Loved Superheroes
Three Reasons Why Spiderman Is One Of The Most Loved Superheroes

Sense Of Humor

Spiderman’s sense of humor is another trait of him that will make us fall in love with him. Although his humor not as dark as Deadpool’s, if you want comic relief, then the character can be a must-go option. This again connects to the relatability that has been mentioned above.

We can connect to his jokes and laugh at them. Well, imagine Batman cracking such jokes, it is absurd right. No, we are not mocking Batman here, but his character is very serious when the character is absolutely casual and friendly. You can even try and laugh at anything that Captain America said too; you will come back to Spiderman for humor though.

Coolest Super Powers

Spiderman has the coolest superpowers when compared to the other superheroes. He can cling on to the walls, jump from one building to other, he has super strength, agility and healing power. Above all, his senses are the best thing that he possesses. These strengths of him have made him a better individual in his personal life too. With his intellect, he has created the web-shooter, which indeed is another great power.

Spiderman: Limited Power

While he has so many powers in his hand, his ability to use the power is limited. This is the reason why he uses his power very carefully. Although he can heal, he doesn’t have the power to take bullets, etc. He should use some of his powers together to get out of some situations.

Spiderman: Swing From One Place To Another

One thing we always forget about the character is he cannot fly. Well, we always see him in the air, and this is the reason why we forget that he can’t fly. He uses his powers and swings from one place to another place with the help of buildings.

Three Reasons Why Spiderman Is One Of The Most Loved Superheroes
Three Reasons Why Spiderman Is One Of The Most Loved Superheroes

These are just some reasons why we love Spiderman the most.

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