Flash Comics Collection

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Hey Everyone! I am here with the topic related to 3 Best Flash Comics Collection. Comics represent the combination of words along with animated pictures. It makes the base of the story way more interesting. Reading comics feel like talking to the people in reality. Ultimately it’s a blend of emotions & relativity.

3 Best Flash Comics Collection
3 Best Flash Comics Collection

Flash Comics

The Flash is the name of various superheroes appearing in the comic books issued by DC Comics. Made by writer Gardner Fox & artist Harry Lampert, the original Flash first participated in Flash Comics. The Flash possess “super-speed”, which conclude the ability to run, move, & think extremely quickly, use superhuman reflexes, & seemingly violate specific laws of physics.

3 Best Flash Comics Collection

Best Flash Comics Collection

Grant Morrison And Mark Millar’s Year: The Flash (Volume 2) 130 – 141

Grant Morrison & Mark Millar are 2 of the most high profile & provocative creators in mainstream comics, both famous for marrying Silver Age concepts with a modern edge. When the two were much less prevalent in the ’90s, they were writing partners who brought their same sensibilities to The Flash when Mark Waid took a year-long Hiatus. Their stories verged from strange to introspective to globe ending, & they were always quite interesting.

Stories concluded Wally being sidelined with a broken leg, taking initiate in an intergalactic race against an ersatz Sonic The Hedgehog, & the introduction of the grim reaper of speedsters, the Black Flash. Plus, the two Scottish authors did a Mirror Master story loaded with Scotland vernacular that makes zero sense to most Americans. My personal favourite of the run? When Morrison/Millar handled the end part of an action-packed crossover with Green Lantern & Green Arrow & turned it in a legal drama set mainly in a courtroom. Maritime law never seemed so intriguing!

The Secret Of Barry Allen: The Flash (Volume 2) 207 – 217

Identity Crisis was a grim & gritty take on the DC Universe that seemed so current in the year 2004 but has aged terribly, seeking more curious in its attempt to sound mature. Still, even if the violence towards women & faux-heavy prose glimpse stupid now, author Geoff Johns made the most of it. Identity Crisis’ themes of corrupted heroes & secrets became a launching point for Wally West to review his mentor’s life, as well as make The Top one of the most terrible foes West ever faced.

In addition to learning regarding the how Barry Allen compromised his morals with altering the minds of evil men, Wally West, also discover out that resident goofball The Top was one of the most horrible & terrible villains Barry ever faced. When Wally returns Top to his former mental state, it sparks a civil war among Flash villains, with Wally caught in a trap in the middle as he’s dealing with a fractured view of his hero. On top of that, this collection also concludes one of the best Flash vs. Superman races ever put to paper.

Terminal Velocity: The Flash (Vol. 2) 96 – 100

The ’90s were a time of changeover, not just for The Flash, but for comics in general. After Barry Allen’s death, sidekick Wally West, took on the mantle of the fastest boy alive. As Wally learned his powers & dealt with the great legacy in front of him, series author Mark Waid introduced The Speed Force concept, with is this power all speedsters tap into, & some are forever intaken by it, a fear Wally must face in Terminal Velocity while also battling a terrible & horrible collection of terrorists.

It isn’t just an excellent showcase for Wally’s brand of heroism or the late Mike Wieringo’s extraordinary artistic talent. Terminal Velocity shows what makes Wally different while at the same time explaining why he should encircle by other superfast folks in his supporting cast. You’d think filling a book with characters with same powers would make them all less unique, but Waid’s smart brand of characterization keeps them all well defined, mainly when he uses Wally’s powers to express West’s fears & inadequacies, which makes it all the more intriguing to see Wally overcome them.

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