DC Comics Lovers: 10 Interesting Facts

DC Comics Lovers: 10 Interesting Facts

When it comes to watching DC movies, there are lot of people who would love to watch all the volumes of it. As the story plot of Marvel movies is so big and wide, it becomes quite difficult for the Marvel movie lovers to know about all of the marvels and their amazing facts. Besides, these facts are very useful in understanding the story behind the Marvel story. Seeing to this, the marvel has been come up in various comics also. Here are some interesting facts about DC comics you should know.

DC Comics Lovers: 10 Interesting Facts
DC Comics Lovers: 10 Interesting Facts

The List of 10 Amazing Facts For DC Comics Lovers

Comic Sans DC Comics

No one likes Comic Sans as it is an infamous typeface that looks childish in the movies and comics. Besides, very few of the Marvel fan knows that the Comic Sans was inspired and taught by DC. It is an amazing fact which is known to only those fans who have watched every volume of DC movies and read its comics.

Three Jokers DC Comics

In the movie Justice League where the Batman has got to learn about the deepest secret of the Joker by sitting on the Mobius Chair, which then answered every question, Batman sat and asked what the identity of Joker is. The answer was three incarnations of jokers.

Superman’s Powers DC Comics

Superman got some weird powers, and the Silver age was weird too. It has the power of dressing up real fast, controlling mind just by concentrating hard and what now.

Henry Cavil’s Mustache

In the Justice League, Henry Cavil’s mustache was known to be the CGI. The producers of the Justice League magically make its mustache disappear.

Superman Could Not Fly Always

The Man of Steel Superman couldn’t always fly. Instead, he could roll over tall buildings in a single run bound.

First Idea about Superman

The first-ever superhero known to be the Hercules in ocean blues. Seeing to it the idea for Superman was of a short and bald type human.

DC Comics Lovers: 10 Interesting Facts
DC Comics Lovers: 10 Interesting Facts

Harley Quinn’s New look

Another fact was of Harley Quinn’s new look where she has the two main modes which are quartered jester and another style was pigtails. Both of these styles are lesser-known facts.

Crippling of Barbara Gordon

The crippling regrets for Batgirl in one of the famous moments of Bat-saga. Alan Moore asked the DC head if they were okay with this thing.

Black Bomber

The Black Bomber, one of the most offensive DC heroes ever, is one of the amazing facts in the DC marvel history. The story was about a racist man who exposed to Agent Orange style gas. Then in under stress, he turns a superhero into a Harlem Globetrotter. Hence, it introduced the DC first idea after Marvel gained a record success.

About Bat-Cow

There have been more than human in Batman’s retinue. It is a fantastic fact where Batman and Robin rescued a cow from a slaughterhouse. Then, it was adapted to be the official member of the bat family. It is also a fantastic fact written in very few of the DC comics.

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